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Dare you enter the...

Lair of the Bigfroggr

Dodge blows from Skeltans and Marishrooms, defeat Hoodlum cultists and best their Knights, and seek out the deepest lore of the Temple of the Toad One.


LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN: Move around the many rooms of the Temple.

LEFT CTRL KEY: Fire your weapon.

Pick up JELLY DONUTS to refill your HEALTH, and SAPIRS to gain extra money.
Grab WEAPONS to change your shots. Each weapon starts at MAX LEVEL, but as you use them, their LEVEL will degrade. Pick up a new WEAPON to recharge your LEVEL.

  • The AXE fires a short-range spread of fire blasts. Power it up for Big Damage!
  • The SWORD can fire multiple blasts at once, to let you keep your defense up.
  • The SPEAR reaches all the way across the screen, and grows more powerful if it travels far enough.

The many ENEMIES you will face within the temple each have their own tricks...

  • The HOODLUM is a dagger-wielding maniac cultist. He's not very threatening alone, but they sometimes come in large numbers...
  • The KNIGHT is a stalwart barrier who tries to get between you and other enemies. He's never quite close enough for an axe swing to really hit him.
  • The SKELTAN is an undead berserker, wielding twin blades and moving with incredible speed. Watch out for the GILDED SKEL-SAMA, who wields a powerful axe!
  • The MARISHROOM is a tribalistic, sapient fungus who attacks from afar with his spear. Get close enough, and he'll start to panic.

Once you've reached the second floor of the temple, touch the blue slate in the final shrine and you will win the game!


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